Your employees need to be informed of their rights and responsibilities, and that information is often displayed as a poster or paper notice. Most office simply pin these notices to a bulletin board, but not only can that leave important information at risk for tearing, fading, and other effects that can impact its legibility, but it also detracts from the professional look and feel of your workplace. Protect key employee notices and upgrade their appearance with a custom framed display from Simple Snap Frame. Our front-loading frames come in a variety of colors and sizes, made to your specifications, and the snap frame makes it unbelievably easy to change or update the information behind the glass whenever you need. Continue reading to learn how our snap frames can benefit your office and contact the Simple Snap Frame team today to start your order!

In this blog series, we are discussing the kinds of notices and policies your workplace may post for your employees to read, and how a framed display can help that information stay relevant, legible, and neat. OSHA notices, employee rights, and scheduled paydays and holidays are a few examples we mentioned in part one. In today’s blog, we’ll be continuing the discussion with employee notices you may be required to post or may post for the benefit of your employees. No matter what kind of poster or communiqué you plan to display in your office, Simple Snap Frame can create a custom snap frame to keep it in great condition.

Equal Employment Opportunities

The requirements on posting your workplace’s dedication to offer equal employment opportunities vary, but it is an important policy that you probably want to display in any case. It is also a policy that is more prone to changes and amendments than many other official documents. With a front-loading frame from Simple Snap Frames, you can insert an updated poster in just a few easy steps. Unsnap the four edges of the frame and tilt the glass toward you to access the insert. Then, exchange the insert for an updated version, replace the glass, and snap the frame back in place. Visit our page on how our snap frames work to watch a video tutorial.

Evacuation Plans and Emergency Procedures

No matter what industry your company contributes to, it’s important that everyone has access to your building’s emergency plans. Regardless of how you try to train your employees and keep them informed of procedures for evacuations and emergency events, many of them likely don’t remember those procedures off the top of their heads. Simple Snap Frame offers a simple way to publicize this important information in a subtle, polished way. Our framed displays won’t detract from the decor of your office, and you can easily change the insert inside at any time if your procedures change.

Design Your Custom Snap Frames Today

Keep your workplace clean and professional with polished framed displays for important employee information. Your notice of equal employment opportunities and posted emergency procedures are just two examples of key notices that deserve an upgrade. Review part one of this series to learn what other notices may be eligible and look for part three for even more ideas on how to bring beauty and quality to the posters you walk by every day.

You want your employees to stay informed, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of reprinting sullied posters or compromising the sleek aesthetic of your workplace. The Simple Snap Frame team is here to help you find a solution to vulnerable paper notices on ordinary bulletin boards. Specify the dimensions you need from your custom snap frame and then choose from a variety of colors and professional finishes, including wood grains and metallics. Fill out our online form to get a quick quote on your next order or call Simple Snap Frame to learn more!

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