1. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 2

    Your employees need to be informed of their rights and responsibilities, and that information is often displayed as a poster or paper notice. Most office simply pin these notices to a bulletin board, but not only can that leave important information at risk for tearing, fading, and other effects that can impact its legibility, but it also detracts from the professional look and feel of your workpl…Read More

  2. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 1

    As an employer, there are a few notices you are required to post for your employees, as well as communications and procedures that benefit everyone when clearly displayed. We’ve all likely been in a building where those notices are simply ragged pieces of paper stapled or pinned to a corkboard. There is a better way — Simple Snape Frame. You can customize our sleek, easy-to-install frames with…Read More

  3. How to Use Custom Communication Boards to Make Your Patients More Comfortable

    To you, the hospital is just your workplace – your home away from home on many days and late nights – but to your patients, it’s a stressful, unfamiliar place. There is a lot happening at any given moment and likely many things about their own reasons for being there that they don’t completely understand. It can add stress to what is probably an already stressful or upsetting situation, wh…Read More

  4. GSA Subcontracting with Simple Snap Frame

    As a government agency, you may find it challenging to locate a GSA-approved business that can help to provide you with the services that you need to help your building stay in the best shape possible. Fortunately, if you are searching for the highest quality signage for your government buildings, Simple Snap Frame is here to help. As one of the few signage companies with a GSA Schedule contract, …Read More

  5. Choose Simple Snap Frame for Your Business

    If you own your own business, then you are most likely no stranger to hanging signage throughout your facility. However, when announcements, statements, or general information need to be properly displayed, they often have the chance to fall on the ground, become ripped or tattered, or lost among a number of other hung signs. Instead of risking your business’s signage going unnoticed by both emp…Read More

  6. Improve Your Quality of Care With Nursing Communication Boards

    Patient whiteboards are often used in hospitals for maintaining accurate information regarding the patient’s care, prescribed medications, physical therapy exercises, and so much more. Not only are patient communication boards incredibly useful for involving the patient in their own treatment plan, they are also beneficial for nurses and hospital staff for maintaining the highest level of care p…Read More

  7. Choosing A Snap Frame for Your Profession

    Snap frames from Simple Snap Frame are more than just the easiest method for displaying important signage as well as company information. They are an affordable solution for unifying your business’s displays to further strengthen your brand identity. That’s why, in today’s article highlighting the many different kinds of snap frames, we will be discussing which snap frames are best for your …Read More

  8. How To Use Custom Snap Frames

    Custom snap frames possess a broad range of capabilities in helping businesses effectively display vital information for customers, patients, guests, and many other individuals. Simple Snap Frame’s innovative products never require you to remove your custom frame from your wall, which makes changing the contents of your sign easier than ever. Learning how to use custom snap frames is incredibly …Read More

  9. Using Simple Snap Frame To Grow Your Business

    Using professional signage can make or break how customers view the legitimacy of your business. Poorly hung signs have the tendency to look unprofessional and may even fall to the floor throughout the day. We previously talked about the importance of maintaining professionalism in hospitals, but today, we will talk about a few different types of businesses that can benefit from using Simple Snap …Read More

  10. Adding Professional Signage to Your Hospital

    Professionalism in the workplace extends far past employee behavior. A clean and orderly looking hospital can do much to ease your patients’ minds, which can help to make them feel like they are in good hands. There is, however, an aspect of cleanliness that many hospitals around the country fail to recognize. If you have recently been to a hospital near you, you have probably noticed that some …Read More