1. Organizing Patient Info with Snap Frames

    When working in a hospital with a number of patients, it can be difficult to keep track of every patient’s information, especially if their treatment varies from day to day. Not only does documenting inessential data waste an incredible amount of paper and resources, it also can cost your hospital an exorbitant amount of money annually. This is just one of the many reasons why hospitals around t…Read More

  2. Using Snap Frames in Schools

    With the start of the school year comes a whirlwind of after-school activities and a variety of important dates worth remembering. With so much happening in such a short amount of time, it can be hard for students to remember all of their ongoing obligations without becoming overwhelmed or forgetting about them completely. Luckily, schools can create eye-catching reminders that can be hung through…Read More

  3. How Simple Snap Frame’s Sign Stand Can Help Your Business

    Finding the right product to effectively display your business’s specials, product offerings, or menu items can be difficult. Some sign holders just aren’t sturdy enough to stay standing during a windy day, while other display holders look unprofessional and flimsy. Worse yet, your sign stand may fall over due to weather, or due to someone unintentionally running into it. You may not even real…Read More

  4. Four Ways to Use Custom Whiteboards in Your Hospital

    Whiteboards are important tools in your hospital. There’s a reason that they’re still so commonly used even though our culture has largely automated processes or started using electronic organizational methods, and this is because hospital whiteboards are both effective and easy to use. In this post, we’ll discuss some ways to use whiteboards in your hospital space so you can maximize their …Read More

  5. How Whiteboards Help Patient-Provider Communication

    Keeping a patient and his or or her family informed of the treatment plan and important information is just as essential as his or her medical care. Because there are so many medications, tests, treatment plans, and therapies that can be prescribed, trying to keep up with everything is confusing and only adds more stress to the situation. However, when the doctors, nurses, and other medical profes…Read More

  6. Five Reasons Why Custom Whiteboards Can Make a Difference in Your Hospital

    Sometimes it’s easy to believe that you don’t need to use a whiteboard or that constantly updating the information on it can take too much time. While this can seem true at times, a whiteboard in a highly trafficked area or located in a patient’s room is a vital information location and can inform doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, and family members are a glance. If you’re sear…Read More

  7. Help Your Patients and Staff Stay Informed with Simple Snap Frame!

    Do you want to keep your patients and staff informed on treatments, doctors, specialists, and other important information? Utilize our dry-erase boards and inserts for patient rooms so that you can streamline the process and keep everyone who is caring for the patient optimally informed. Simple Snap Frame has been manufacturing our eco-friendly and quality frames since 1992. When you use one of ou…Read More

  8. Good Signage Can Make All the Difference

    Clear signage is vital in every medical facility, whether you’re running a large-scale hospital or have a small, personal practice. The last thing you want is for your patients to feel lost and confused when they’re in your facility. At Simple Snap Frame, we believe that clear signage is of the utmost importance, whether it’s for wayfinding purposes or a simple yet informative hospital room …Read More

  9. Our Custom Inserts Can Brighten Any Treatment Room!

    When children have to stay in the hospital, it can be difficult to make the room welcoming. You want your facility to convey cleanliness and inspire confidence in parents, but a sterile-looking environment can make kids nervous, especially when they have to stay overnight. At Simple Snap Frame, we understand the need for hospitals to maintain a professional appearance as well as their desire to he…Read More

  10. How Do Whiteboards Make a Difference?

    Hospitals see hundreds of patients each day. With so many people coming in and out of their facility, communication between doctors, staff, and nurses is absolutely vital to maintain any sense of order in the chaos. Rather than relying on paper notes tucked into patient charts to pass information along, many hospitals have opted to use whiteboards across their departments. Today, we’ll take a lo…Read More