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  1. Creative Uses For Whiteboards

    Whiteboards are incredibly useful tools. They can be used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, businesses, and more! Today, we’ve compiled a list of new uses for your whiteboards. These ideas are great ways to keep yourself on track and have fun! With Simple Snap Frame, you can easily upgrade your signs with custom whiteboards. Our snapping frames are simple to use, and the inserts can be swap…Read More

  2. 4 Ways to Utilize Custom Dry Erase Boards on Your College Campus

    Whether you work at a small private school or a state university with hundreds of thousands of students, a college campus is a busy place. There is always something happening, and your goal – whether you are a resident assistant, an advisor, an educator, or an organizer – is to keep students informed, involved, and engaged. Custom dry erase boards are the perfect solution to sharing and updati…Read More

  3. Improve Your Quality of Care With Nursing Communication Boards

    Patient whiteboards are often used in hospitals for maintaining accurate information regarding the patient’s care, prescribed medications, physical therapy exercises, and so much more. Not only are patient communication boards incredibly useful for involving the patient in their own treatment plan, they are also beneficial for nurses and hospital staff for maintaining the highest level of care p…Read More

  4. Adding Professional Signage to Your Hospital

    Professionalism in the workplace extends far past employee behavior. A clean and orderly looking hospital can do much to ease your patients’ minds, which can help to make them feel like they are in good hands. There is, however, an aspect of cleanliness that many hospitals around the country fail to recognize. If you have recently been to a hospital near you, you have probably noticed that some …Read More

  5. Four Ways to Use Custom Whiteboards in Your Hospital

    Whiteboards are important tools in your hospital. There’s a reason that they’re still so commonly used even though our culture has largely automated processes or started using electronic organizational methods, and this is because hospital whiteboards are both effective and easy to use. In this post, we’ll discuss some ways to use whiteboards in your hospital space so you can maximize their …Read More

  6. How Whiteboards Help Patient-Provider Communication

    Keeping a patient and his or or her family informed of the treatment plan and important information is just as essential as his or her medical care. Because there are so many medications, tests, treatment plans, and therapies that can be prescribed, trying to keep up with everything is confusing and only adds more stress to the situation. However, when the doctors, nurses, and other medical profes…Read More

  7. Five Reasons Why Custom Whiteboards Can Make a Difference in Your Hospital

    Sometimes it’s easy to believe that you don’t need to use a whiteboard or that constantly updating the information on it can take too much time. While this can seem true at times, a whiteboard in a highly trafficked area or located in a patient’s room is a vital information location and can inform doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, and family members are a glance. If you’re sear…Read More