Upgrade the appearance of your business with a custom framed display from Simple Snap Frame. Whether you are a restaurant looking for a better way to display your menu and drink specials, or you want a more polished look for framing posters and notices around your office, we are here to help. Our simple snap frame is easy to use and comes in a variety of colors and finishes that you can customize to your business. You can even work with our design team to create a custom insert. Explore our blog to learn more about how our custom framed displays can benefit your business and call or fill out our simple online form today to start your order!

  1. Prepare Your Business for Halloween

    Autumn is upon us, and it’s about to get spooky. Halloween offers a lot of opportunities for businesses of all varieties to attract new customers with holiday themed events, promotions, and fun ways to change pace. When you need to advertise new lunch specials and parties, choose Simple Snap Frames! Our custom snapping frames, sign boards, and whiteboards offer unique and easy ways to make your …Read More

  2. How to Choose the Right Custom Snap Frame for Your Business

    There are a lot of decisions that go into helping your organization succeed. Protecting signs, menus, and notices with framed displays may seem simple, but it can have a big impact on the experience of your clients, employees, or patients. Here on the Simple Snap Frame blog, we’ve talked before about how to choose the right kind of custom framed display for your needs. Today, we’ll go even mor…Read More

  3. Use Color to Benefit Your Business

    Simple Snap Frame offers our custom snap frames in a number of colors and finishes. You have a lot of options to choose from! If you’re not sure which option will work for your business, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the meanings behind different colors so you can make the best possible decision for your next framed display. Read…Read More

  4. An Introduction to Color Theory for Business Owners

    Business owners and leaders have to make a lot of decisions, especially those who are starting their own small businesses. From hiring and financial planning to marketing and design, sometimes it can be a lot to handle. For those who work within bigger organizations, there is still a lot to gain in learning about other departments. So, in today’s blog, we’ll be discussing design, specifically …Read More

  5. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 3

    Your human resources office may get more questions about personal leave and paid time off than your company’s equal employment opportunity policies or minimum wage requirements, but you shouldn’t assume it’s because of disinterest. Part of the reason is likely because information on important topics like minimum wage is clearly posted in your workplace. There are many different kinds of empl…Read More

  6. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 2

    Your employees need to be informed of their rights and responsibilities, and that information is often displayed as a poster or paper notice. Most office simply pin these notices to a bulletin board, but not only can that leave important information at risk for tearing, fading, and other effects that can impact its legibility, but it also detracts from the professional look and feel of your workpl…Read More

  7. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 1

    As an employer, there are a few notices you are required to post for your employees, as well as communications and procedures that benefit everyone when clearly displayed. We’ve all likely been in a building where those notices are simply ragged pieces of paper stapled or pinned to a corkboard. There is a better way — Simple Snape Frame. You can customize our sleek, easy-to-install frames with…Read More

  8. Help Your Patients and Staff Stay Informed with Simple Snap Frame!

    Do you want to keep your patients and staff informed on treatments, doctors, specialists, and other important information? Utilize our dry-erase boards and inserts for patient rooms so that you can streamline the process and keep everyone who is caring for the patient optimally informed. Simple Snap Frame has been manufacturing our eco-friendly and quality frames since 1992. When you use one of ou…Read More