Old corkboards are no way to display posters and notices when you are cultivating a polished, professional atmosphere at your business. Upgrade with custom poster frames from Simple Snap Frame. We can create a frame with the exact dimensions you need, and you can choose from multiple colors and finishes to find the perfect fit for your office. With our easy-to-use snap frame, you can protect important notices and change out the insert at any time in just seconds. Explore our blog for inspiration on how to use your custom poster frame and contact Simple Snap Frame today to start your order!

  1. How to Use Custom Communication Boards to Make Your Patients More Comfortable

    To you, the hospital is just your workplace – your home away from home on many days and late nights – but to your patients, it’s a stressful, unfamiliar place. There is a lot happening at any given moment and likely many things about their own reasons for being there that they don’t completely understand. It can add stress to what is probably an already stressful or upsetting situation, wh…Read More

  2. Why Use Our Frames?

    Communication is important for any business, but it is absolutely vital for the hospital industry. Without proper communication, it can be easy for steps to be missed, patients to be overlooked, and medication schedules confused. While the complex chart system works for most situations, it can be difficult for the patient to feel included in the treatment process. At Simple Snap Frame, we want to …Read More