No one wants any of these particles in their home or business. It’s particularly important to keep dust particles contained when working in a clean environment like a hospital. People within the walls of a healthcare center are often sick and particularly vulnerable, especially babies, the elderly, or cancer patients, whose immune systems are weak or compromised.

Invest in Dust Containment

Using a high-quality dust containment unit can do a lot to protect patients and prevent hospital-acquired infections. Preventing exposure to dust and spore particles can prevent infections. Preventing infections helps to keep hundreds of thousands of people safe and healthy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in 31 hospital patients on any given day has a healthcare-associated infection. This adds up to millions of infections every year. These infections cause extended hospital stays, increased medical bills, and can occasionally even lead to death.

Keeping excess dust and particles away from patients is essential for maintaining a safe hospital environment, and Simple Snap Frame makes it easy to implement with our dust containment system. This clear, acrylic container prevents the spread of dust from drilling or small projects like installing or maintaining light switches. It’s small, easy to transport, and easy to work with. We even include a port for a HEPA vacuum, so you can implement an additional step of safe operation.

Contact Simple Snap Frame

At Simple Snap Frame, we are proud to have applied the simple structures and high-quality materials you see in our custom snap frames to a dust containment system that can benefit both your hospital staff and your patients. If you are interested in ordering a system for your team, contact us today for a free, fast, custom quote!