1. Creative Uses For Whiteboards

    Whiteboards are incredibly useful tools. They can be used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, businesses, and more! Today, we’ve compiled a list of new uses for your whiteboards. These ideas are great ways to keep yourself on track and have fun! With Simple Snap Frame, you can easily upgrade your signs with custom whiteboards. Our snapping frames are simple to use, and the inserts can be swap…Read More

  2. 4 Ways to Utilize Custom Dry Erase Boards on Your College Campus

    Whether you work at a small private school or a state university with hundreds of thousands of students, a college campus is a busy place. There is always something happening, and your goal – whether you are a resident assistant, an advisor, an educator, or an organizer – is to keep students informed, involved, and engaged. Custom dry erase boards are the perfect solution to sharing and updati…Read More

  3. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 3

    Your human resources office may get more questions about personal leave and paid time off than your company’s equal employment opportunity policies or minimum wage requirements, but you shouldn’t assume it’s because of disinterest. Part of the reason is likely because information on important topics like minimum wage is clearly posted in your workplace. There are many different kinds of empl…Read More

  4. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 2

    Your employees need to be informed of their rights and responsibilities, and that information is often displayed as a poster or paper notice. Most office simply pin these notices to a bulletin board, but not only can that leave important information at risk for tearing, fading, and other effects that can impact its legibility, but it also detracts from the professional look and feel of your workpl…Read More

  5. Important Employee Notices to Protect in the Office, Part 1

    As an employer, there are a few notices you are required to post for your employees, as well as communications and procedures that benefit everyone when clearly displayed. We’ve all likely been in a building where those notices are simply ragged pieces of paper stapled or pinned to a corkboard. There is a better way — Simple Snape Frame. You can customize our sleek, easy-to-install frames with…Read More

  6. How to Use Custom Communication Boards to Make Your Patients More Comfortable

    To you, the hospital is just your workplace – your home away from home on many days and late nights – but to your patients, it’s a stressful, unfamiliar place. There is a lot happening at any given moment and likely many things about their own reasons for being there that they don’t completely understand. It can add stress to what is probably an already stressful or upsetting situation, wh…Read More