1. Creative Uses For Whiteboards

    Whiteboards are incredibly useful tools. They can be used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, businesses, and more! Today, we’ve compiled a list of new uses for your whiteboards. These ideas are great ways to keep yourself on track and have fun! With Simple Snap Frame, you can easily upgrade your signs with custom whiteboards. Our snapping frames are simple to use, and the inserts can be swap…Read More

  2. How Simple Snap Frame’s Sign Stand Can Help Your Business

    Finding the right product to effectively display your business’s specials, product offerings, or menu items can be difficult. Some sign holders just aren’t sturdy enough to stay standing during a windy day, while other display holders look unprofessional and flimsy. Worse yet, your sign stand may fall over due to weather, or due to someone unintentionally running into it. You may not even real…Read More

  3. Four Ways to Use Custom Whiteboards in Your Hospital

    Whiteboards are important tools in your hospital. There’s a reason that they’re still so commonly used even though our culture has largely automated processes or started using electronic organizational methods, and this is because hospital whiteboards are both effective and easy to use. In this post, we’ll discuss some ways to use whiteboards in your hospital space so you can maximize their …Read More